As a student enrolled in the Datadog Student Developer program you can:

  • Monitor your student projects. It cannot be used for commercial projects.
  • Retain standard and custom metrics for up to 15 months.
  • Create insightful dashboards to demonstrate the performance and availability of your applications.
  • Create alerts to notify you upon failures.
  • Trace requests across all of your services.

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The Datadog Student Developer program is a part of Github Education's Student Developer Pack and provides free Datadog up to 2 years and while the participant remains a student.

The program has the following monthly limits:

  • 10 hosts (Infrastructure and APM)
  • 500GB ingested logs
  • 50 containers
  • 10 lambda functions
  • 5 Fargate tasks
  • 1,000 browser tests
  • 10,000 API tests
  • 1,000 Browser RUM sessions
  • 1,000 Mobile RUM sessions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I add my existing free tier account to the student developer program?

We understand that many students had already been taking advantage of Datadog via our free trial. Unfortunately we are not at this time able to convert existing Datadog user accounts to the student accounts.

If you have an existing account sign up for a new account with the Student Pack Portal and update your Agent configuration to use the API keys for your student account. We cannot transition users, agents, hosts, or metrics.

To ease this process we have documented a number of community developed tools that may help you to copy monitors between accounts via our APIs.

Which region are student accounts created on?

All Datadog student accounts are created in our US5 region. To log in to your account, visit

Student accounts cannot be migrated to a different Datadog region.

Why is my email required for the student developer program?

When you sign up for a Datadog student developer account we promise to not to spam you or share your contact information without your permission. There are however many features within Datadog that may result in emails. For example you may configure alerts, weekly digests, or share graphs with other users via email.

In addition to in-application features, when you register for the program we add you to our monthly newsletter, which provides tips and guides to help you monitor systems better, along with information about new features and integrations. We may also reach out from time to time to share educational resources about monitoring best practices that may help you in your studies.

Finally, if your membership in the student program ends or if you exceed your allotted hosts our team may reach out to discussion options for continuing to use the service.

Why does my account show an additional user?

For management purposes, your student developer account is initially provisioned by a Datadog staff member. Once you are invited to the account our staff user’s account access is disabled.

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to Datadog. Student Developer Accounts are covered under Datadog’s privacy policy.

My student developer account has expired, but I am still a student. Can I renew?

We are happy to extend renew your account as long as you continue to be an active member of the Github Student Pack program.

I am an educator and would like to use Datadog in my curriculum.

Please email We are happy to assist you with access for your students, as well as educational materials you can use in your courses.